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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Results of the Muay Thai Open Fight Nights at Fight360

Taken during weigh in at Fight360 Gym on 27 September 2013. 

Team FPM arrived at Fight 360 ground. Saturday Open Night Fights, Episode 2 at "The Ring".
Our Fighters are ready, are you?

Results of the Fight Night:

FPM Gerald (0) VS YKM Victor (1)
After 3-rounds of vigorous fight, unanimous decision goes to the opponent. Winning 1-round out of 3, Well Done Gerald. Congrats to the Opponent. Good Fight!

FPM Waikiong (0) VS Fight360 Sheik (1)
Ferocious & Aggressive Performance by our Fighter, Waikiong. Another bout that goes to the opponent. Congrats to both fighters, especially Wai Kiong for his 1st attempt! You did great! 

FPM Elaine (1) VS Fight360 Nurul (0)
Our FPM Female Warrior competing with an experienced opponent. Well done Elaine for the Convincing Victory! Upsetting the odds, Elaine went all out for an unanimous win! Our Female Warrior WON THE FIGHT!!! 

It was a great night of Exposure and Experience for our 3 Fighters. They have already WON by braving themselves as Amateurs with ZERO fight experience by stepping into the ring with only 3-mths of Muay Thai training... An ultra big challenge to themselves! Go Go Fighters! We are so proud of you guys! :')

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