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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Event Schedule of the upcoming Boxing Edition Fight

2 more days to our upcoming Saturday Open Night Fights - Boxing Edition at Fight 360 Gym...
Support our 2 Brothers Boxers, Shafie & Luqman this Saturday!

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 If you haven't get your tickets...

Tickets are sold at FIGHT 360. Call in to reserve or purchase at 63381783.

$60.00 tickets includes:

- 8 Exciting Boxing Matches
- Free flow of food and drinks
- Transport and entrance to After Party at Chameleon Lounge & Club
- 5 complimentary drinks at the club
 Here are the Event Schedule of the match...

6.00pm - Arrival of guests
6.15pm - Doors open Start of networking session
6.50pm - Opening by Emcee & Speech by the General Manager
7.00pm - Al Hafiz(Grasio MMA) vs Solihin(Grasio MMA) - MMA
7.20pm - Jack(F360) vs Dhinesh Kumar(FBA) - Boxing
7.40pm - Danielle(F360) vs Rene(VBC) - Boxing
8.00pm - Azari(VBC) vs Yu Feng(KBS) - Boxing

8.20pm - Fasha(F360) vs Amanda(KBS) - Boxing
8.40pm - Afzal(Grasio MMA) vs Irham(Grasio MMA) - MMA
9.00pm - Shafie(FPM) vs Faliq(F360) – Boxing
9.20pm - Izzuddin (F360) vs Luqman(FPM) – Boxing
9.40pm - Sanjevan(VBC) vs Jerome(F360) – Boxing
10.00pm - Darryl(FG) vs Khaled(KBS) – Boxing (Co-Main Event)
10.20pm - Nazry(F360) vs Jordan(VBC) – Boxing (Main Event)
10.40pm - End of Event & Closing by Emcee
10.50pm - Usher all guest to leave the venue to transport
- Proceed to After Party (Chameleon Club & Lounge, 22 Dempsey)

F360 - Fight 360
VBC - Vanda Boxing Club
KBS - Kadir Boxing School
FBA - Farrer Park Boxing Alliance
FPM - Fight Pro-Motion
FG - Fight G
Grasio MMA - Grasio Mixed Martial Arts


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