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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Results of the Boxing Edition Open Fight Nights at Fight360

Team FPM arrived at Fight 360 ground. Saturday Open Night Fights, Boxing Edition at "The Ring".
Our Fighters are ready, are you? 

Click here to our Facebook Album for more actual day shots taken at Fight 360!

Our boxers doing their warm-up!

Results of the Fight Night: 

FPM Shafie (0) VS Fight 360 Faliq (1) 
After 2-rounds of vigorous fight, unanimous decision goes to the opponent due to a technical knockout (T.K.O)

FPM Luqman (1) VS Fight 360 Izzuddin (0)
Exciting & Aggressive Fight by our Boxer, Luqman. A split decision was made & Congrats to our Boxer for the win! You did great! 

Another great night of Exposure and Experience for our 2 Boxers. With ZERO experience, this is their first amateur fight in the ring. Great courage and ultimate challenge! Go Boxers, be it win or lose, you've made yourself proud and your trainers proud of you too! :)


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  3. These two looks like good boxers, best of luck to these two.
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